Social & Emotional Development in Lafayette, CO

Center Care

We believe in providing the highest quality care possible. We are continually striving to make changes that will bring about long term success for all children. Each child we care for is very important to us. Our challenge is to ensure that every child we come in contact with knows how valuable and important he/she is.

When families enroll at Take-A-Break(TAB), they can feel confident that they have not only selected a safe environment filled with caring adults, but they have also placed their children in a program which will help them grow and develop socially, emotionally, mentally and physically. A positive self image is the key to a healthy, well-adjusted child and we can help instill the confidence every child needs to succeed in the future.

Age Group Concept and Programs


Our infant/toddler care is the best in the county. We provide cozy, safe play and nap areas with a 1 adult to 3 or 4 child ratio. Our staff is trained specifically in infant and toddler development and has been with us for many years. We believe in meeting the children's “on demand” needs for feeding and sleeping. Developmental studies have proven that when infants get their needs met they develop a basis for healthy relationships with other people. We know this strong foundation is what will help them excel in all areas of their lives. We rock, hold, cuddle, talk to, and play with the babies all day long
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During the early childhood years, children learn through interactive experiences. We have created an environment and program that helps them get the experiences they need to grow up healthy and balanced. We offer a daily preschool program. Dividing the children into small groups, we utilize the High Reach Learning curriculum and the D.E.C.A assessment programs. The children rotate throughout the morning to different learning areas. Their typical day includes small and large motor development, reading, creative play, science, art, Spanish, math, group time and outdoor play. Our preschool is a 9 month program running from September to May. From June to August we offer a fantastic summer program, full of learning and adventures. Center staff will schedule parent/teacher conferences twice a year and as requested by the parents. Please feel free to ask the staff any questions regarding the progress of your child. We love to have parent interaction and we invite parents to volunteer on field trips and special activity days.


Our before and after school program is for school-aged children through the age of 14. We use the Forty Assets Program from the Search Institute to help the children develop internal and external assets that will help them succeed in life. Our youth program consists of fun and healthy activities, crafts, homework help, community service, communication skills, and socializing.
Our full day summer program offers many community service opportunities and fun field trips to exciting places throughout the Denver Metro Area. Swimming, skating, hiking, and amusement parks are just some of the great places we go.

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