Information and Enrollment in Lafayette, CO


The TAB Creative Learning Center is unique in its concepts of child care. We are a “Developmentally Appropriate Practice” center, which means our children are often up moving around. We offer numerous child directed experiences that allow children to shift from one activity to another, building healthy social interactions with their peers. They very are busy playing, learning, talking, exploring, and developing good social skills.


Take-A-Break Early Learning Center is available to all children and families regardless of race color, ability, sex, religion, sexual orientation, and national origin.
All required State Licensing forms must be returned completely filled out before a child enters T.A.B. Creative Learning Center:
  • Signed contract
  • Client information form
  • Permission for security cameras, cots, transportation, field trips, computers use, TV, and videos.
  • Permission form for sunscreen and creams
  • Child's health status form signed by child's physician (within 14 days of starting care)
  • Immunization records
Children will be placed on the waiting list once enrollment forms and first weeks tuition has been turned in.
We, at Take-A-Break, believe that all children should have the opportunity for quality care. Our staff will assess each child to see if we can meet his needs. We will do all we can to accommodate and integrate each child into our outlined program. Two weeks' notice will be given if we feel that we do not have the proper training to accommodate the special needs of your child. Two weeks' notice may be waived if your child is a direct threat to him/herself or others.
Parents are required to submit a written two weeks' notice, in advance, prior to withdrawing a child from TAB. If advance notice is not received, you will be required to pay two weeks tuition.

All children enter T.A.B on a two week trial basis to ensure proper adjustment. The contract may be terminated at the discretion of the Center with two weeks notice if it is felt that continued care for a particular child may be detrimental to the child, other children or the Center itself.
Any changes or modifications of you current home address, phone number, place of employment, emergency numbers, change of marital status, change in custody, or change in the persons picking up your child MUST be reported immediately.

When immunizations are administered, we need an updated immunization record and health status forms, completed by your doctor at 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months and each year after that until the child enters school. Then we need them every three years thereafter. Any change in enrollment MUST be reported to the office immediately. A new enrollment form will be issued and must be returned two weeks prior to a change occurring.